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What are Dentures?

  • Complete Dentures

    Complete dentures are a full set of teeth. After the removal of the last teeth, you will receive an immediate denture to wear while your gums heal. After about 8-12 weeks your gums should have healed and your complete dentures can be fitted. This type of denture will have a plated top and a horseshoe bottom. The base will be made of a natural gum looking acrylic.

  • Partial Dentures

    A set of partial dentures will consist of two rows of teeth attached by a metal rung with a gum pink acrylic for a natural look. The partial denture is ideal when many back teeth are missing. This will prevent the other teeth from shifting. After you have your new partial denture practice putting it in and taking it out. You do not want to bite down to put it into place, this may bend or break the denture. Pay attention to pressure points or hot spots where the denture rubs a lot and talk to your doctor within a few weeks.

  • Attached Dentures

    An attached denture is the latest in denture technology! An attached denture is a complete denture combined with dental implants. This can be referred to as a dental-implant supported bridge and allows the wearer to eat and do anything they want. The downfall is that these can be very costly. The attached dentures consist of a series of implants that attach to existing bone in the jaw. They are a perfect fit to the wearer. Attached dentures can reduce mouth and lip wrinkles, preserve the jawbone and facial integrity, eliminate the need for dangerous adhesive, eliminate pain from ill-fitting dentures, restores natural chewing ability, increase stability and looks very natural.

Need to Know:

After you get your dentures you will need to practice speaking and moving your mouth. Try making different facial expressions such as surprised and disappointed. Then try eating soft foods. Eventually you will notice certain sore areas in your mouth. Allow time for the mouth and gums to properly seat the new denture and adjust accordingly. If it is still uncomfortable after some time, contact your doctor.

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